Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Registering a truck (part 2)

I went to do the smog check today, hoping that it would pass with flying colors, just like the previous owner said. To my surprise, it failed with Manufacturer Specific code P1440 and 'Service Engine Soon' light. Big disappointment... I guess it's expected for a 11 year old car.

It turns out that P1440 on a Nissan Pathfinder means "EVAP Control System (Small Leak)". I only found this out by going to another mechanic, who, for only $85 plugged the car to a computer and found out the problem.

It seems this is a common problem with Pathfinders and the garage recommended to change the EVAP canister (quote for $360) and also maybe the EVAP purge control solenoid (quote for $340), if still needed.

As I knew garages are pushing their prices up, I started looking around for the parts myself. So far, no much luck, the cost is still around $260 for the EVAP canister & valve + the work, which I could do myself.

To be continued...

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  1. no....asta-i...tot ce este ieftin, se dovedeste a fi scump...se putea sa nu apara ceva?..si ce sensibili is la toate fumurile...:-P...si citeva sute incoace, citeva incolo...no..o sa le faci..n-ai incotro..