Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pashnit NorCal BackROADS Tour - Day 2

Day 2 of the North California Backroads Tour. Horrible weather all along this day too... But we pushed through none the less.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pashnit NorCal BackROADS Tour - Day 1

Super rainy day... unfortunately. But this didn't stop anybody :)
More bad weather to come in the next day.

That's us here (Pashnit forum link)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Romanian Radio on iPhone

Although I have an iPhone for couple years, I just realized recently that I can use my iPhone to listen to Internet radio stations. Doh!

The search for an app began. I started googling for "Interet Radio" or "tune in radio", but the results were not all that good. I wanted a FREE app, simple and customizable. There are some really cool looking apps out there, like TuneIn Radio or Spark Radio, but they are either not free, or coming with a predefined list of thousand of stations that can't be modified. I didn't like that! Who is going to listen to 35,000 stations? I just have a dozen of stations or so that I listen to and I want to be able to specify them myself.

There comes FStream (AppStore link here), which is just what I wanted. It has a very simple interface, which I like, but the major features are:
  • customizable station list: the user specifies the URL of each station, it name and position in the list;
  • web interface: the user can access, modify, reorder, etc the station list from a web browser. The iPhone needs to be connected the a WIFI network. Then user can access the FStream built-in website from any computer/browser on the network.
Combine this with the Motorola MOTOROKR T505 and you got yourself a cool solution to listen to your favorite Internet radio while on the move. Mind you, you will need the following to have this working:
  • 3G connection available, subscription to data
  • Audio device with Bluetooth A2DP file support (e.g. iPhone 3Gs+ / iOS 3+)
  • FM car radio (yes, this is mandatory ;-> )
The following is a list of Romanian Internet radio stations I usually listen to: