Friday, March 20, 2009

Charlotte, NC

This week I was at a client in Charlotte, North Carolina. The project is going fine. I am working on an interesting piece of code -- exposing Tridion functionality as a Web Service / Java servlet, so that other web applications can read content from it using SOAP or plain HTTP requests.

Anyway, some remarkable things are the beer which is very cheap compared to California or NY and that I almost punched a partner. He was too much of a wise arse, claiming sarcastically that Tridion is rocket science. I luckily refrained from explaining Tridion functionality with my fists. However, funny enough, they bailed out of the project just 2 days later. Hmmm... maybe it was too much of rocket science after all. Ha ha :D

I also met up with Andi and Alina, old friends from back home. It is rare to see familiar faces where my job takes me, so meeting up with Andi and Alina was definitely a big plus. They showed me Charlotte, went to dinner, went to an Irish pub and just spent lots of time catching up. Here are some pictures from this lovely meeting:


  1. bine aratati....minca-v-ar mama! ce bunatati beti din pahare? ca pareti foarte acolo n-a ajuns criza..:-P

  2. Suc de coacaze... facut sa semene a vin. Ca de cind cu criza, nu ne mai permitem decit sucuri :)

  3. Salut,
    Am dat peste acest bolg cautand informatii despre 'mecanismul' carnetului de conducere in SUA.
    Voi veni in State pentru un training de 1 an; in orasul Huntersville(Charlotte), North Carolina.
    Vreau sa va intreb daca carnetul obtinut in Romania (2004)este valabil in acest stat. Mi s-a sugerat sa-mi fac carnet international la ACR, dar pretul acestuia este imens (100E) in comparatie cu tarifele aplicate pentru sustinerea unui examen de conducere in US (10$).

    Valentin Dascalita

  4. Valentin,

    In SUA poti conduce cu carnet Romanesc (international sau nu) doar daca esti turist. In momentul cind incepi sa traiesti aici, va trebui sa iti faci un carnet american. Nu este greu: dai un examen scris, iar apoi o proba practica. Poti sa citesti brosura de 1-2 ori si e destul. Nu costa mult (exam scris aprox 30$), iar la cel practic trebuie doar sa vii cu masina ta (sau una inchiriata, pe care inchiriatorul iti da voie sa o folosesti pentru examen). Mai multe informatii poti gasi pe siteul DMV pentru North Carolina.