Sunday, March 29, 2009

DOL Ho Dim Sum

Today we had a culinary experience... We went to eat dim sum at Dol Ho in San Francisco.

This is a typical chinese joint, in the heart of Chinatown, frequented mainly and mostly by Chinese. We read some reviews about it, and it was advertised as a place to go only for the brave ones... if you don't have somebody speaking Chinese with you.

So, all in all the food was good, I have to say, but was not amazing. It was very tasty and to our surprise, the waitress actually spoke some Engly... maybe 5 words or so. Not be a red neck, but also as a foreigner, make a bloody effort and learn some to get by! Especially when you're waiting tables.

Anyway, I digress... The food was not as extraordinary as touted, but it made a difference from the usual. I will go back there, after I learn some Chinese food names. Price wise though, it was extraordinary! $25 for 4 people including tip!

My favorite stays the Nieuw King on Zeedijk in Amsterdam.


  1. OK !!...da Mihai de ce nu gusta si el ?? inspira prea multa incredere..parca e o gogoasa de cauciuc..tavalita prin pietricele....:))

  2. Mihai nu e asa aventuros... in ale mincarii :)

  3. hi,hi, uita intr-adevar, cu cu pofta..:-P