Saturday, February 28, 2009

The house starts to come round

This weekend, we started the final touches on the house. Now that we had the bare minimum, we started putting stuff on the walls. So the house, starts to look like a home! Great feeling!

We bought a clock... a huge one that is. I always wanted a huge 'train station' clock on the wall. Now there is one.

We also have some fancy shelves on the hall walls, extra storing space in the dining room, and some pictures with us on a wall in the kitchen (just like we had in Amsterdam).

Also on the fridge door, we got a kit of magnetic words so we can write some erotic poetry.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carnet de conducere

Azi ne-am luat carnetul de conducere. Am fost la DMV in San Jose si pentru doar 28 de dolari de caciula, fiecare am avut dreptul sa dam testul scris.

Eu am reusit sa il iau fara nici o gresala... nici eu nu stiu exact cum ! Mada a facut 5 greseli, dar l-a luat si ea.

Pe 24 Martie avem programare la testul practic, unde va trebui sa venim cu ceva masina (probabil inchiriata).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So easy to work with smart people

This week I was in Boston to have an architecture workshop with a partner. I admit, it was probably the best sessions I ever had. I would always recommend these guys. For somebody who didn't know Tridion, they were so quick to pick up knowledge and to take it to the next level, even before I had the chance to introduce it.

It makes my job so easy and fulfilled when working with smart people. In 3 days, we accomplished what in other projects would probably take 2 weeks.
The partner is called Thoughtworks (from India).

Logisticly, it was quite funny that I almost missed my plane on the way to Boston. It was Sunday evening, after the Oscars, when I arranged for a 'fancy taxi' to take me from San Jose to San Francisco airport. The guy was supposed to pick me up at 9 p.m., and after calling them at 9:15, he told me he misunderstood my request and that he would have picked me up on Monday morning at 9 a.m. Luckilly, my brother in law gave me a ride to SFO.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clam Chowder Cook-out

This weekend we went to Santa Cruiz (i.e. of California, not Tenerife) to sample a Clam Chowder Cook-out. I think there were about 80 teams from all over the place.

We got there just before the sampling started at 2 p.m. There was plenty of people, who all wanted to taste the goods. Although it was quite packet, we had a really good time.

For 7$ we each bought a sampling kit, which allows you to try 5 chowders. Then each visitor votes the favorite cooking team. I thought number 68 was definitely the best. Didn't stay till the end, when all votes were counted, so we don't know who the actual winner was.

Weather was not all too great, but the tasty chowders made up for it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

KD New York

On February 12 & 13 there were the Knowledge Days for PS US. Held in New York, I arrived on the 12th in the morning (after a 8 hour overnight flight, direct from San Jose with JetBlue). Very nice airline, with plenty of leg space (extra leg space seats available for only 10$ extra). Anyway, trying to sleep in an airplace chair sucks big time!

In the evening, Chris cooked a great dinner for everybody. Thanks, Chris! It was paella and lots of wine on the side. Again a great night with PS colleagues.

On Friday, I had to leave a bit early to catch the plane from JFK at 6 p.m. At 9 p.m. I was back in San Jose, after a 6 hour flight. I love air travel.