Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Place to Stay

We got the place! We are now the newest residents at the Sycamore complex in North Park, San Jose. And a very nice place it is indeed for the 2245$ it costs per month. Luckilly, my BIL agreed to be our guarantor, so we only had to pay one month deposit (instead of 2).

Since we are fresh off the boat, we have no credit history, no rental history, etc. It doesn't matter you have good history outside the US. If you don't have it in the US, you don't exist. Right? Right!

Anyway, I am really excited abut the new place. Been to Ikea and already started the big adventure: furnishing! We bought kitchen utensils, bathroom stuff. This was our second visit to Ikea... and many more will come. Hail the Ikea!

As of today is also up&running. So pictures will come...

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