Sunday, January 25, 2009

No More Shopping

For the past 4 days we did nothing else but shop. It's damned exhausting! We visited Ikea (about 4 times), BedBath & Beyond (3 times), Circuit City (2 times), Best Buy (3 times), Michaels, Furniture Discounters (2 times), and the rest I don't recall anymore...

A guy in Bed Bath & Beyond asked if we were on a shopping spree... He had no idea!

We managed in just 5 days to furnish most of the apartment (that includes the master bedroom, dining, living, kitchen, 2 bathrooms). For the same amount of stuff, in our previous apartment in Amsterdam, it took us about 1.5 years. We bought utensils for most of the stuff, we made subscriptions to utilities, phone, mobile, internet, tools. We assembled stuff around the house. We cleared stuff from the bags. All in all the bill went up to 6500 $.

We are exhausted. Luckilly, tomorrow is Monday, so I can go to work and relax ;) riiight!

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