Friday, November 21, 2008

Here we go...

I have been thinking for a couple of days now, since I decided to finally start blogging -- which language should I blog in? I guess this is a typical question for a bilingual person.

So a bit about myself: I am Romanian native; living in Amsterdam; about to move to Silicon Valley; IT professional; techno geek; with interests in photography, video editing and technology in general...

Naturally, blogging in English reaches a broader audience; however, I don't want lose my Romanian identity either. So I decided not to decide. Instead I'm going to write posts both in Romanian and English. I guess I'm about to see how well spell checker copes with a mixture of Romanian and English.

Why blog? Good question. Up until now the idea didn't attract me. I'm involved with computers all day long. I just didn't see the need to blog, expose it to the world, etc.
What changed? Well, I guess the events that are about to happen -- I am planning to move to West Coast USA as of January 2009. Also, as of a certain age, you tend to forget things, so I guess I'll use this blog as an actual means of remembering what was done where and when, etc. Lastly, in my job I come across the same requirements being asked time and time again, so I'll put some code samples on this blog too.

Enjoy... A new day is starting... A Friday... TGIF... One full weekend ahead... Yaaay !!!

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  1. I like your "decided not to decide"....the best solution!!