Sunday, March 6, 2011

Romanian Radio on iPhone

Although I have an iPhone for couple years, I just realized recently that I can use my iPhone to listen to Internet radio stations. Doh!

The search for an app began. I started googling for "Interet Radio" or "tune in radio", but the results were not all that good. I wanted a FREE app, simple and customizable. There are some really cool looking apps out there, like TuneIn Radio or Spark Radio, but they are either not free, or coming with a predefined list of thousand of stations that can't be modified. I didn't like that! Who is going to listen to 35,000 stations? I just have a dozen of stations or so that I listen to and I want to be able to specify them myself.

There comes FStream (AppStore link here), which is just what I wanted. It has a very simple interface, which I like, but the major features are:
  • customizable station list: the user specifies the URL of each station, it name and position in the list;
  • web interface: the user can access, modify, reorder, etc the station list from a web browser. The iPhone needs to be connected the a WIFI network. Then user can access the FStream built-in website from any computer/browser on the network.
Combine this with the Motorola MOTOROKR T505 and you got yourself a cool solution to listen to your favorite Internet radio while on the move. Mind you, you will need the following to have this working:
  • 3G connection available, subscription to data
  • Audio device with Bluetooth A2DP file support (e.g. iPhone 3Gs+ / iOS 3+)
  • FM car radio (yes, this is mandatory ;-> )
The following is a list of Romanian Internet radio stations I usually listen to:


  1. First of all, this is great news for all radio listeners, Many radio app available in appmarket but I think few apps are free and I think FStream is one of them, it's free. All features are also great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks great. Now, if only it was wireless or had bluetooth! It would be great to give it to

    one of your students and let them control the image on the projector. That would seal the

    deal for me. Can I ask how much Best Buy are selling them for?

  3. Radio app is very much popular and thousands of users waiting for this app for a while and now finally it release with a large collection of some of the best radios from Romania such as Radio Romania, Manele, Radio Zu and many more.

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