Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trip around East San Jose Hills

Before taking the bike back, Nicu and I did a shorter trip around the Eastern San Jose Hills. We did basically Motorcycle Trip 5.

We started at 8a.m. and went towards Milpitas on the Calaveras Avenue. This continues into Calaveras Rd, then Felter Rd and Sierra Rd. We got a very nice view of the San Jose downtown in the fog, from the top of the Sierra Rd.

We then went onto Hwy 130 towards Mt. Hamilton, then Quimby Rd. The Lake Halls Valley was almost dried out, but that's normal being at the end of summer, just before the rains start.

Finnaly we went on to San Felipe Rd and Metcalf, then onto Monterey Hwy and back to return the bike.

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