Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Motorcycle Licence

I passed my motorcycle licence today!!! Hurraaaay... Now I can ride in peace.. only thing missing is a motorcycle.

Been to DMV and passed the written examination. I made 3 mistakes, but still ok. As I completed a riding course, I didn't have to pass the skills test anymore.

They took another photo of me and they punched a hole in my current licence in order to invalidate it. So now I have an intermediate licence... or actually a piece of paper, until the new licence comes in mail.

All is hunky dory... but I need to rent a bike if I want to ride now... These things are expensive, plus there's a ton of liability if you fall/scratch one. Plus they rent only mega bikes... all touring and mega Harley Davidsons & BMWs. I would like to start on something easier to handle... Like a Suzuki V-Strom ;)

First weekend in October I'll try rent a smaller bike.. that will be a tiny BMW R 1200 GS... Baby bike >:D<

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  1. Ma bucur ca ti-ai trecut examenul de moto...Stiu ca l-ai dorit tare, dar la prima incercare de a merge pe soselele "tarisoarei" de adoptie ( momentana), sa inchiriezi ceva mai mic si mai manevrabil...Mult noroc si da-ne de veste !